15 guilt-free chocolate options for Easter

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We give you 15 healthyguilt (kinda) ways to get your chocolate fix this Easter

The Easter long weekend is a highlight on every chocoholic's calendar - four whole days of sanctioned cocoa craving satisfaction. But there are a couple of downsides to crushing that much candy  - your skinny jeans will no longer fit and you're left with an extreme chocolate hangover (if that's you, here's how to deal).  Enter the 'healthy' option, dark chocolate.

It's common (happy) knowledge that dark chocolate is on the list of superfoods we should be including in our everyday diet. Cocoa (the key ingredient in dark chocolate) claims a ton of healthy benefits including antioxidant properties, evidence to suggest it may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, and evidence it may improve brain function. All great outcomes from eating something we would eat anyway.

However, not all dark chocolate is created equal - to tap into the health benefits you need to go for a bar with higher cocoa content (60% plus), and if it's sugar-free and organic, even better. Scroll throughthe gallery above for the top 15 chocolate options for a healthier Easter.

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