Well lit: the lamps giving us serious shade envy

Well lit: the lamps giving us serious shade envy

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A covet-worthy collection of lamps that also does its bit for the environment? Yes, you need to know more

It's not every day you stumble across a centrepiece for the home that's made from recycled PET bottles - and it's not a monstrosity. But miracles happen and the PET Lamp range manages to be cool, functional and totally at-one with Mother Earth. Genius, right? Boasting stunning patterns and bold colours  ranging from festive red to cheerful yellow and brilliant green, the hanging lamp collections make for an arresting and artful addition to your living quarters, bedroom or kitchen.

Well lit: the lamps giving us serious shade envy (фото 1)

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And not only does stringing one of these rainbow-hued shades from your roof make design sense, you'll be pleased to know they've been crafted and woven by artisans in far-flung developing communities such as Colombia, Chile, and Ethiopia. The PET Lamp Project was first developed in Bogota, Colombia four years ago and based on the success of the plastic bottle resurrection process, has since expanded to the above mentioned counties, winning design and upcycling accolades along the way.

While the shades are conceived in Colombia, Chile, and Ethiopia the lamps come to you assembled care of an industrial design team in Madrid. And with each pendant light completely unique, at least you can bank on the fact that no one in your circle will have the same identical lamp as you (yes, even if they copy) - surely a win-win?

The PET Lamp range is priced from $400 and is stocked in Australia by Safari Living and Spence & Lyda. For more information about the brand, head to

Well lit: the lamps giving us serious shade envy (фото 2)

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