It goes without saying that in everyone's wardrobe, holds a piece of clothing that still leaves you perplexed as to why you ever purchased it. But those "in-the-moment" "on-trend" garments are actually celebrated in the latest novel by Tom Coleman and Jerome Jakubiec named, I actually Wore This. The hilariously honest novel explores all the cringe-worthy items we've once owned from otherwise stylish individuals, celebs,  fashion personalities and also just the regular human.

The authors as a collaborative have a wealth of experience in fashion, film, entertainment and celebrity-everything - so expect the finest quality of fashion-gone-wrong coverage.
"Bergdorf Goodman's fashion director to actress and SNL alum Molly Shannon, choose the one item from their closet that best illustrates when taste took a holiday, allow themselves to be photographed in it, and tell the story of how, where, and why they bought this article of clothing that makes them mutter 'what was I thinking?' each time they see it," explains the novel in the intro. 

So for the Juicy Couture velour tracksuit, bell-bottom jeans (with the cut off waist band), any anything Ed Hardy - you'll really, really enjoy this fantastic read.

There’s a new book about our biggest fashion blunders and it’s great