The Italian job: Irena Musilova’s secret Capri

The Italian job: Irena Musilova’s secret Capri

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Text: Yeong Sassall

Fancy a visit to this Italian idyll? Read on for the ultimate in insider tips

Some people have all the luck. When Irena Musilova was chosen to front the latest Peroni campaign, little did she know that her "work" would include a sojourn in the sunny Gulf of Naples hotspot. While we're waxed lyrical about the Capri's stunning looks and bevvy of gastronomical delights (read our city guide here), we were curious to know what the Czech model/actress had to share. Here,  Irena reveals some of her favourite parts of the island.

Tell us a little bit about shooting the Peroni campaign in Capri.
This shoot was unique for many reasons. The amazing location, together with the great professional team was what made it an incredible atmosphere. In the middle of all the hard work, the team even found a time to surprise me on my birthday and organised a birthday party.  I would like to take the chance to thank the whole group for everything... They made me feel special!

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Was it your first time in Capri?
No, it wasn't the first time, but it is one of my favourite places. I love this romantic island.

What's your favourite spot?
Via Krupp (pictured at top) - it's a pathway in Capri built in the beginning of 1900. When I go down the path to the beach I feel like I'm finally on vacation and the amazing view pays for the trip. 

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Do you have any favourite restaurants in Capri?
La Canzone del Mare is my favourite restaurant. Its location - right on the beach with the sound of the ocean - makes this place magic. 

What about bars or coffee shops?
I can't avoid a coffee when I pass Piazza Umberto, known as La Piazzetta di Capri. It's the most popular place to enjoy a coffee with a view.

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What are your five packing essentials for a trip to Capri?
A bikini, flip flops, a book, a camera and a partner (I suggest not going alone!)

What about beauty products?
Absolutely sun protection!

Lastly, any tips on picking up the language?
The best way to understand Italian is to learn the gestures first.

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