The 5 best binge watch shows to catch up on

The 5 best binge watch shows to catch up on

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Looking for your next TV fix? We've got five top suggestions for you - just don't blame us if you get addicted...

Rainy days, sick days, hungover days - what would we do without channels like Netflix, HBO and YouTube? But even though we've been living in a golden era of television for some time now, the sheer abundance of new shows sometimes makes it hard to separate the 'meh' from the must-watch. While we don't possess the power to predict your personal viewing proclivities, we can at least recommend a few of our current favourite screen addictions.

1. Making a Murderer
Haven't caught on to this zeitgeist-y true crime show yet? Uh, where have you been? Ever since it aired last December on Netflix, audiences the world over have been hooked - and then angry. The doco was shot over ten years and centres on the story of Steven Avery, a man wrongfully jailed for sexual assault, then released, then later accused of murder - and it will transfix you. An examination of wrongful conviction and the Midwestern US judicial system, the did-he-or-didn't-he premise of the show has sparked many a heated water cooler debate.

2. Margot vs Lily
If you've ever found yourself stuck inside a weird YouTube vortex where suddenly one music clip turns into reruns of forgettable '90s teen flicks, you'll appreciate the pulling power of the video-sharing site. One the latest and greatest shows to feature on the channel is Margot vs Lily - a Nike-produced series that perfectly sums up our millennial fixation with #fitspo and somehow manages to make you want to join the Nike+ Training Club. With compelling characters and a simple premise - a bet between two chalk-and-cheese NYC sisters - a new bite-sized episode is released every Tuesday, making this easily the most digestible and compulsive show we've seen in ages. You can even catch up on episodes 1-6 during your lunch break and watch the characters test NTC workouts.

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3. Bloodline
Another Netflix gem that perhaps receives less attention than some of  the streaming service's other vehicles (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black), but is no less deserving. If you're into taut, masterfully acted family dramas with morally ambiguous characters, save this 10-part series for the ultimate binge-fest. With riveting performances by Sissy Spacek, Kylie Chandler, Chloë Sevigny, Linda Cardellini and the terrifying, but magnetic Ben Mendelsohn, Bloodline's Florida-set family saga might be slow to unfold but once you're in, we guarantee you'll be hooked in for the long haul.

4. Narcos
Another true crime caper that's as jaw-dropping as it is absorbing. Detailing the escapades and eventual arrest of one of the world's most notorious drug lords - Colombia's cocaine king Pablo Escobar - this is Blow without the Hollywood treatment (and Johnny Depp's good looks). Structured into a United States vs Colombia narrative that's backed by real-life footage cut from '80s archives, the account of Escobar's rise and fall is so staggering you'll be thumbing your way through the history books afterwards to see if this stuff checks out. Turns out, it does, making this a must for biography and history buffs.

5. Girls
Like other jewels in HBO's crown (Game of Thrones, True Detective), this series isn't exactly a new discovery. Director/writer/star Lena Dunham may be a polarising figure in pop culture, but if there's one thing this girl can do: it's write great dialogue. If you're looking for anything resembling Gossip Girl or Sex and the City, we suggest you look elsewhere - Girls isn't exactly a glamorous look at young adulthood. What Dunham does - albeit, often uncomfortably - is shine a light on the foibles and narcissism of a group of twentysomething girls and their peers, so if you can stomach the self-involved characters and marvel at the black humour - you'll love it. Divided into half hour vignettes, each episode is crafted as a kind of short story, which makes it too damn easy to keep pressing play on a rainy day. Season one is the standout, but five is currently underway.

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