The 10 biggest moments of the 2016 Olympic Games

Text: Anna McClelland

Rio really did have something for everyone, writes Andy Shepherd

The Olympics. It's a special event, one that only occurs every four years. Even if you're not a sports fan you can't help but feel touched by emotion at the sight of these athletes achieving their dreams while others come within a hair's breadth of their goals, only to come up short. It's the pinnacle of sport, but it's so much more than sport. It's raw emotion of the likes we can see nowhere else. But it's also a bit of a circus. When ten's of thousands of athletes from around the world converge under the global spotlight, there's always going to be a few mishaps to enjoy. Above, I've listed my 10 biggest moments from Rio 2016.

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The 10 biggest moments of the 2016 Olympic Games (фото 1)

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