Imagine the stakes of strip poker when there's a GIANT TRANSPARENT BATH in the living room. Actually, try to imagine doing anything with a GIANT TRANSPARENT BATH in your living room.  Like, watching TV. Vacuuming. Having the in-laws over. 

Taking the growing trend for glass-panelled baths to scary new places, Russian designer Alexander Zhukovsky got it into his head that what the world needs is a spherical glass bath that hangs from the ceiling and lets you bathe wherever you like (except in privacy). While we can appreciate the beauty of the design, we're struggling with its functionality - what if it springs a leak? Where does the water go? Who actually wants to take a bath in a glorified fish bowl?

If you've raised your hand (no judgement), you'll be pleased to know the Bathsphere boasts completely customisable temperature, lights, sound and even smell settings, as well as rain simulation (previously known as a shower-over-bath set-up).  No word yet on whether it will be available in Australia, but head to to find out more. 

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