Mood lighting, whiskey and c-major: Sydney’s best jazz bars

Text: Yeong Sassall

New York, Paris, New Orleans... Sydney? Believe it or not, the 2000 postcode is home to world-class jazz. Shimmy your way into one of these cavernous culture clubs pronto, says Ros Brennan

Free-flowing, unpredictable and driven by unbridled emotion, jazz music is like the rebellious cousin of the music world. If you organised a party of all the music genres, jazz would most likely be centre of attention, recounting some rambunctious story at break-neck speed, eyes glistening with joy and excitedly stumbling over his words.

Originating in the African American communities of New Orleans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Jazz music has always represented rebellious spirits and non-conformist ideologies. It was lambasted as 'the devil's music' by its naysayers, somehow afraid that it could lead people to express their own personal liberty (heaven forbid).

The wonderful thing about jazz it that its timeless. You can wander into any jazz cellar from the inner-west 'burbs of Sydney to the back streets of Brooklyn, and you'll be met with those familiar hallmarks: seductive rhythms, swing and blues notes, and bebop vocals that quaver through the chambers of your soul.

Given that its roots are firmly planted in American soil, you might be surprised to discover Sydney's jazz scene is alive and well, you just have to know where to track it down.

Hidden down unsuspecting laneways and unmarked doors, click through the gallery to discover Sydney's best jazz bars

Mood lighting, whiskey and c-major: Sydney’s best jazz bars (фото 1)

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