Literary escapism: your summer reading list sorted

Take a leaf from our book

Text: Yeong Sassall

Ros Brennan's top picks for your dose of summer escapism - including some new releases and some old favourites

That magic moment when you are totally transfixed between the pages of a good book. When not even a text message from your crush could tear your gaze from the tumbling, descriptive prose. Psychologists call this phenomenon 'flow'; a state of complete immersion brought about by tasks which require absolute focus, like reading, painting, dancing, cooking, the list goes on. Time disappears, you forget yourself, you become part of something larger.

The most common excuse for not reading is 'I don't have time', but perhaps this is laced with a hint of 'it would be easier to watch Netflix or look at my phone'. That's the thing with happiness, it requires a healthy sense of delayed gratification and discipline before it unwittingly lands in your lap.

The summer break presents a rare chance to unplug, decompress and allow yourself to surrender to a good read. Add a beach, a spritz of some description, let the words wash over you and be transported to worlds that only exist between the velvety pages of a book.

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