Lit warriors: the new wave of feminist poets

Prose of protest

Site: Ros Brennan

A new guard of feminist poets have smashed through the literary glass ceiling, reinventing the centuries-old art form as a space for defiance, protest and subversion. Ros Brennan introduces us to the lit chicks proving the pen is mightier than the sword

"Keep your sentences short. It gives them more power." I can hear the words of my year 11 English literature teacher ringing in my ears like it was yesterday. Unlike the languorous strings of words found in longer form novels, there is a succinctness about poetry makes it more profound.

Like a simmering summer romance that burns out too soon, its brevity leaves a tingling in your bones; a yearning for more akin to a kind of literary separation anxiety. How could those words so beautifully dance into my mind and then disappear without warning?

While the campaign for women's liberation never went away, a new ground swell of rebellion has emerged, in the form of feminist poets. Spraying their revolutionary vitriol in true millennial style - via Instagram - they've each gained international followings and praise, mobilising and fortifying the agendas of young women across continents on issues such as the black rights movement, abortion law and that heinous Trump-shaped elephant in the room.

Click through the Gallery to discover the female poets defining the voice of a generation.

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