The Olympics! A Studio Ghibli theme park! And now, a Super Nintendo land at Universal Studios?! Start planning your Japanese holiday for 2020 now, because all these things are happening.

Announced late last year, Nintendo has allegedly been  in talks with Universal Studios Japan, Universal Studios Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood for some time now, mostly surrounding the possibility to collaborate and build Nintendo-themed worlds for the parks. And today, we've earned our first taste of Super Nintendo World-to come, at least at Universal Studios Japan.

From the looks of it, gamers can expect to visit Bowser's Castle and Mushroom Castle (the home of Princess Peach), climb through grassy worlds and green tubes and bounce on coloured boxes. There's no mention of a Rainbow Road karting track or a pizza or magic mushroom stand - so we'll just have to wait and see what becomes of our favourite mushie-eating plumber and his brother Luigi.  

In addition to this, Tokyo Disney has also announced that it will be upgrading its park with Big Hero 6 and Beauty and the Beast worlds. In the meantime, watch the teaser below and start planning your trip to Tokyo...


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