Is the Podzook the ultimate grown-up cubby house?

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Call it what you want - the man cave, the den, Carrie Bradshaw's apartment after she moved in with Big

The escape hatch options favoured by grown-ups all over the world (or New York's Upper East Side, in the case of Carrie B's designer digs) are many and varied. Because let's be honest, no matter what age we are (or are claiming to be) sometimes we all need somewhere to hide from the demands of real life. Enter the Podzook. Sizing up at a tidy 9.6 feet wide by 8.3 high, this dome-shaped, one-room pod is the coolest cubby on the block. And the best part? It's completely customisable to any sanctuary situation required - home office, meditation room, playroom, kid-exclusion zone or theatrette (it can be wired for sound). You dream; they deliver.

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The chic sanctuary comes courtesy of architect-trained Judy Bernier. Bernier saw a similar haven doing the rounds on twitter, but the UK version, the Archipod, was unavailable for US customers. So Bernier DIY-ed.

With a keen eye on the eco-prize, the materials in each Podzook are locally and sustainably sourced from Bernier's 'hood, the Pine Tree State - aka Maine. From the cedar shingles covering the exterior to the floors made from reclaimed local wood, it's a feel-good structure any way you look at it. The only catch? It's currently only available in the US and Canada.  

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