How to give your apartment the Gucci make-over

How to give your apartment the Gucci make-over

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Not content with dominating the fashion industry with his aristo-crazy sensibility, Alessandro Michele has got us going all Gucci on our homes

The hints were always there: The Cruise 2016 short film directed by Glen Luchford, that followed a fashionably-clad guest into a dance party in a sprawling Florence villa, the walls veiled in intricate murals, the fixtures finished in dark marble, scattered with gold, baroque curiosities. Then came a greenhouse strewn with Persian rugs, leather-bound books and actual flamingos in the Pre-Fall 2016 campaign - also, the overstuffed velvet armchairs and regal daybeds in the same collection's lookbook. Most recently, there were the plush, emerald green velvet cushions with intricately-embroidered animal motifs, left on seats as gifts during Gucci's Cruise 2017 presentation at Westminster Abbey in London.

Without even realising, I found myself paying more attention to the wallpaper, the side tables, the mosaic floors than the collection (although the collections caught my eye too!). Turns out, Michele's antiquey, eccentric aesthetic is as enchanting in the home as it is on your body.

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Clockwise from left: Chandelier from Inessa, armchair, embroidered cushion from Amara, wallpaper by Cole & Son, vase from 1st Dibs, vintage rug from Cadry’s, commode from Fabulous & Baroque


Those who would like to recreate the same sense of old-world-meets-new-guard style, invest in a few key pieces; The foundation of this look is statement wallpaper, ornate and decorative detail and sumptuous fabrics.

Spend your weekends antiquing and keep an eye out for baroque and rococo-inspired furniture, masculine materials such as marble and oak to balance out delicate ethnic influences such as Chinoiserie - ceramics and coromandels - and Persian rugs. When it comes to prints, more is more - embrace clash and eye-watering layers of botanical styles.

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Mechanical singing birdcage from 1stDibs, image via Instagram @lallo25

Finally, keep an eye out for any quirky curiosities, taxidermy or risqué sculptures to add a touch of whimsy (and to make sure it doesn't feel like grandma's house). 

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