Wanderlust: the stunning Hermès exhibition in Paris

Wanderlust: the stunning Hermès exhibition in Paris

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Image: James Bort

First London, now Paris: Hermès brings its Wanderland exhibition to the French capital

Aside from producing exquisite (and highly coveted) accessories made to last a lifetime, Hermès has a pretty solid reputation for creating whimsical and out-of-this-world window displays. So strong is its artistic heritage that the French house has set up an exhibition that takes the concept of peering into a window to a whole new level. 

Named Wanderland, the travelling exhibition is inspired by the notion of dans l'oeil du flWanderlust: the stunning Hermès exhibition in Paris (фото 1)neur - which roughly translates as, 'through the eyes of a wanderer or social observer'. In essence, the concept is built around the very modern act of flânerie - wandering around a city and getting lost in its unexpected sights and sounds - something that is intrinsic to the Hermès brand. 

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Featuring 11 rooms, each with a different theme or wonder to behold, this through-the-looking-glass exhibition arrives after a successful three-week stint at London's Saatchi gallery. Created by set designer Hubert le Gail, each window is set up to takes viewers on a Paris-inspired journey - featuring familiar scenes like the town square or café - but with a fantastical or magical undertone. While Hermès products feature (naturally), some have been taken from the luxury house's archives, Emile Hermès Paris museum and contemporary collections. From a bike, to bags, boots, travel writing cases and card decks - the objects are as much a celebration of Hermès design as the spirit of travelling.

If you're lucky enough to be in Paris from September 18 to October 5, don't miss out. Find more details at and watch London's highlight video below. 

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