We bid a very sad goodbye to Barack and Michelle Obama - relive their best moments as President and First Lady in pictures

For a US President who started his term amid the global financial crisis and the birth of social media, Barack Obama has had a pretty good ride. While many could argue the Obama administration's policies haven't had as much success, no one can argue that the Obama power couple aren't a force to be reckoned with. Living out two scandal-free terms can't be that easy, but the Obama clan prove that American First families can be loving, down-to-earth and damn aspirational when they want to be.

As we replay the videos of Barack Obama's tearful and rousing final speech as US President (how about that adorable tribute to Michelle...?!), take a moment to enjoy our best memories of Michelle and Barack Obama. All we're gonna say is this: it's one tough act to follow and we wish Donald and Melania Trump the very best of luck... 

Farewell Obama: our 22 favourite Michelle and Barack moments