25 reasons we love Emily Ratajkowski

Text: Anna McClelland

The model/actress/hottest woman alive has just turned 25 - and she has plenty to celebrate

If you don't know her name (where have you been?), you definitely know that body - Emily Ratajkowski shot to fame when she appeared in the now-infamous Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke music video for 'Blurred Lines', cavorting about in nothing but heels and a G-string - a move which put her under both the spotlight and serious fire for supporting the song's controversial lyrics.

One thing Ratajkowski, who signed with Ford Models when she was just 14, has learnt in her 25 years is that such a smokin' bod comes with as many problems as perks (excuse the pun). She spends her life dodging sleaze and slut shaming, so much so that she penned a feminist essay for Lena Dunham's website Lenny calling the world out. Suffice to say there's more to Em Rata than meets the eye... read up on why we love her in the gallery above.

25 reasons we love Emily Ratajkowski (фото 1)