Celebrity shelfies: A-list book clubs you need to join

Winter reads

Text: Noelle Faulkner

Battle the cold weather and curl up with a star-recommended read

Perusing somebody's bookshelf is the ultimate perve, it's like a window into the stories they resonate with, their interests, who they think they are and who they want to be. Bookshelves will often say much more about a person than their social media presence because reading is a highly private, intimate, yet solitary activity.

You may have noticed in recent years, the rise of online book clubs like Goodreads and many others started by publications and sites like The Monthly, Wired, Tumblr, Bustle even our friends at Vogue Australia have one, as does Proenza Schouler. And thanks to the power of the internet bridging the gab between A-isters and their fans, a bunch of celebrities have also started their own, which, while they don't stack up against OG lit-influencer, Oprah's iconic club, they do help to bridge the gap somehow. 

While we know winter calls for Netflix binge sessions, it's also a perfect chance to curl up with a great read, especially if it comes with a great recommendation (check out some of our suggested female-penned reads here). Here, we round up some of the best celebrity-run book clubs worth joining today. 

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