Buro’s urban wonders: why butchers are so bloody happy

Buro’s urban wonders: why butchers are so bloody happy

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If the word "carcass" features at your workplace, chances are you might be a little less than enthusiastic

Add to that the strong proximity of blood, innards and a cool room that you'd have nightmares being locked in. And yet, sirloin sellers have the same level of cheerfulness as Disney TV hosts. They beam, they flirt, the mate it up with blokes in barbie-prep mode.

The statistics bear it out. A recent Galaxy Poll which rated perceived happiness and job satisfaction of a range of professionals, ranked butchers as the most friendly and contented. Thirty per cent of consumers viewed sausage mongers as seeming happy with their jobs. But here's the staggering thing: a staggering 76 per cent of butchers surveyed reported feeling healthier and laughing more than other workers interviewed. Compare this with the relatively gore-free days of service station attendants, bank tellers and sandwich hands - only 10 per cent of whom were considered happy at work by consumers in the same survey.

More than half the 295 butchers surveyed had no sick leave in the previous year and 60 per cent described their work as fun. We wonder how many of us can say the same.

Another reason for the beaming faces might be the fact that butchers - wait for it - have 60 per cent more sex than other workers. Can you imagine? "Honey, can you leave the apron on tonight - you know I like it." It must be all the iron.

The research comes with a caveat that it was conducted on behalf of Meat and Livestock Australia and that out of the 800 workers surveyed, 295 were butchers.

It seems the key to this job satisfaction- in a field which often requires 4am starts and 90 hour weeks - is having a laugh at work. With both colleagues and customers. Sixty per cent of the butchers surveyed rated it as one of the parts of the job they valued most.

Another element that must be factored into proceedings is that it's hard to be grumpy in butchers. From paleo warriors to suburban grill masters, who doesn't love the prospect of a medium rare menu arrayed with succulent possibilities?

So there you, the urban mystery of butcher's cheerfulness has been solved.

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