He's better known for his studies of intact interiors - the kinds of stunning homes you find in the pages of glossy magazines. So when Sydney-based French photographer Felix Forest decided to journey to the Ukraine in the midst of its civil war in May last year to capture the decaying remains of Chernobyl, the results were sure to be nothing short of extraordinary. 

Beauty in the desolate: Felix Forest's haunting new works

The town has been abandoned since the nuclear disaster of April 1986 and Forest's photographs bring to light the desolation and bleakness of the forsaken site. Office buildings, stairwells and living rooms stand derelict and almost empty, bar haunting reminders of the lives once lived there - a TV set, peeling wallpaper and an old piano.

Despite this, Forest manages to capture the beauty that lies within such scenes. His prints are available via Becker Minty; visit beckerminty.com.au