Not you. That's who, says David Smeidt

Men of Australia. It's that time of year again. After almost 12 months of hard graft, a holiday beckons. But first you have to get through the office Christmas party: four hours of socialising with people whose name you don't remember or whose skill set you know is vastly overrated. The spectre of small talk is only marginally overshadowed by drinks on the boss, but bear in mind this is as much of a work event as a conference or WIP meeting. You need to play it a certain way because from the first drink to your Uptown Funk on an empty dancefloor you are being watched by those with the power to make a difference to your career. You want to be the best corporate-appropriate version of yourself: sociable, gregarious, charming. None of the men who follow tick those boxes.

7 guys you don’t want to be at the office Christmas party