5 Valentine’s Day activities he’ll actually enjoy

NOT dinner & a movie

Site: Samantha Ledlin

Male-friendly and romantic. Apparently it is possible, writes David Smiedt

February 14 elicits a sense of dread in many a male. It's not that we're anti-celebrating our love. Not at all in fact. It's just with the whole commercial onslaught of Champagne, heart motifs and hideously overpriced roses (that barely smell any more - wtf btw?) can feel pretty contrived. As in the plot of Love, Actually contrived. Fifty Shades Darker contrived. The Notebook contrived. Smooshing all these ingredients in an evening of capital R Romance has your average man reaching for the nearest fork to stab himself in the face in order to spend the night in casualty instead. So what's the alternative? Netflix and chill? Absolutely not. We want to mark the date with something special that we will BOTH enjoy. Step away from the paint by numbers version of seduction and consider these instead.

5 Valentine’s Day activities he’ll actually enjoy (фото 1)

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