5 out of-the-box ways to spend your Saturday night

5 out of-the-box ways to spend your Saturday night

See, hear, do

Text: Yeong Sassall

Are your weekends starting to feel a bit same-same? Break the cycle with one of these ideas

Dinner, drinks, bar, repeat. Sound familiar? We've all been there. You spend all week waiting and counting with bated breath for Friday to roll around only to find yourself stuck in a cog-like routine of Saturday night déjà vu. Sure, a fine-dining degustation is always a winner, and we are all for checking out the hottest, newest, latest bar, but sometimes the weekend calls for a little bit of creativity. Here are five out of the box ideas to book into your Saturday nights.

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Get your skates on

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Being smack bang in the middle of peak winter, there's never been a cooler time to hit the ice. No longer reserved for awkward teen date nights in deep suburbia, the humble ice rink has had resurgence thanks to cool events like the River Rink at Federation Square in Melbourne (until July 19), Fremantle Winter Garden (until July 26) and the Bondi Winter Magic festival in Sydney (until July 12).

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Go stargazing

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Fun fact #1: Due to our low range light pollution, Australia's number of fantastic observatories at which to watch the sky reaches far into double digits. Fun fact #2: Watching the stars is a pretty mesmerising way to spend your night. Fun fact #3: Right now, with all the recent developments at NASA and Hollywood's current obsession with sci-fi storylines, space is totally trending. Many of the top institutions, such as Sydney Observatory, Adelaide's The Heights Observatory and Perth Observatory offer night viewing on the weekends, so drop any preconceptions you have about primary school star excursions and book yourself in for a mind-blowing night of glitter watching in the big, infinite sky.

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Hit the dancefloor with an orchestra

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For a different take on a disco-fuelled night out, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra is presenting a very special weekend of golden oldie dancefloor hits. Think: Donna Summer, Earth Wind and Fire, The Village People and The Jacksons, but scored and performed by one of the most formidable orchestras in the country. Studio 54 mirror ball included. Saturday, July 25 only.

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Catch a cult film

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As part of the beautiful, heritage-listed Paramount Pictures building, Sydney's sexiest, coolest and most luxurious mini-cinema, the art deco-styled Golden Age Cinema and Bar is a must-do, at least once every few months. With a carefully curated selection of new and old films on rotation, including date-night approved classics and themed nights, it completely tops any other generic movie night in Sydney. Some of the films playing on a Saturday night this month include:  Lost in Translation, Mystery Train, The Cars that Ate Paris, a Grease sing-along and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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Go glamping in the city

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In case you haven't heard, Melbourne's hottest, newest concept is "glamping," that's right- camping out in a luxurious tee-pee on a astro turn-topped rooftop in the middle of the city. The venue, St Jerome's The Hotel, features warm, high-end tents and is the brainchild of Jerome Borazio, the same man that brought us St Jerome's Laneway Festival, Ponyfish Island, The Workers Club and Sister Bella - so you can bet we're only just seeing the beginning of the trend.  

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