15 reasons why we love Roger Federer

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We salute one of the tennis greats

After taking out the 2017 Australian Open last night in a killer match against longtime rival Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer proved why he's one of tennis' true legends. With 18 Grand Slam titles to his name and a career spanning nearly two decades, the 35 year old Swiss champ defied all odds after bouncing back from a knee injury that took him off court for six months in 2016. And they said the world number 10 had reached his peak...

While we could sit here quoting stats, endorsements and prize money (Federer's made a tidy $100m+ so far), there's a few other reasons why he's one of the most respected and highly paid tennis players in the world. Click through to find out why he's the ultimate.

15 reasons why we love Roger Federer (фото 1)

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