Zoë Croggon’s choreography through collage

Zoë Croggon’s choreography through collage

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Text: Yeong Sassall

Noelle Faulkner on the Melbourne artist splicing fluidity with form

Upon first glance of Zoë Croggon's collage work, there is a compelling eeriness, an unnerving sense of space that is not necessarily dark, but instead, disconnected and a little cold. Sleek, minimal and luxurious, the Melbourne local's work combines the athletic aesthetic of images found in dance catalogues and sports encyclopaedias, with the fluid lines of contemporary architecture.  There is an element of the voyeur, but also that of the stage.

Zoë Croggon’s choreography through collage (фото 1)

Exploring the way space, structure, shapes and movement communicate, Croggon also works with sculpture, video and drawing, and her practice is not unlike that of a contemporary dance choreographer - she swiftly crafts an idea of performance via her unexpected juxtaposition of gesture; her images jolting, soaring and flexing with each border.

Melbourne art fans will be well versed in Croggon's work, she was part of the National Gallery of Victoria's Melbourne Now exhibition and held court at the Daine Singer Gallery's stall at the Melbourne Art Fair. She is currently preparing for a solo exhibition, which will appear at the Daine Signer Gallery later in the year.

Zoë Croggon is represented by Daine Singer Gallery, 

Update: Zoë Croggon's new show, "Meridian", opens July 4- 25 2015 at Daine Singer Gallery

Zoë Croggon’s choreography through collage (фото 2)