Remember the days before digital music, streaming services and iPhone cameras? Yeah, it's tough. We're becoming so used to having access to everything we want now that it's hard to believe that the world's art collections aren't more readily available online. Until now. Thanks to a new project between New York's The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Creative Commons and online image sharing libraries Pinterest, Wikimedia and Artstor that's all set to change.

According to The Met, 375,000 images of 200,000 works in its archive will become available for online for unrestricted public use. According to Creative Commons CEO Ryan Merkley, it's a huge win. Considering The Met's collection spans 5,000 years of self expression and culture, this collaboration offers works at high picture quality (4,000 pixels wide) and the ability to zoom into some of the world's most impressive pieces of art. According to the Met, the new digital library is now the "largest and most diverse open-access museum collection in the world." Very cool. 

You can check it out here:

The Met is a releasing a HUGE photo archive to the public