The Brooklyn-based artist you need to know

The Brooklyn-based artist you need to know

A Jeremyville world

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We chat to Bondi-born artist Jeremyville on his latest collaboration and life in the big apple

For the non-art enthusiasts of the world, you're probably not familiar with the name - but you would've certainly seen Brooklyn-based artist Jeremyville's work somewhere around the globe without even realising. The Australian is responsible for the cartoon-like murals on the walls of our favourite ice-cream spot Messina, has worked with iconic labels like Urban Outfitter's, Converse and Swatch, designed billboards for Volkswagen and has just returned from Miami's annual Art Basel where he created a live mural for The Standard hotel. We sat down with the creative when he was in Sydney recently to speak to him about his latest collaboration with cosmetic giant, Kiehl's. Here's what he had to say: 


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What is the process of drawing live installations?
Often for me, we enter into a place an observe to see the influencers of the place, the energy, and then go from there. I never plan things- it's always unplanned as it just makes it less forced and easier. I always like to have an empty page, empty wall, and a pen- and that is it. And I always draw in a whole hit too, I just don't really overthink it. I'm at the wall and well, I just draw it. If you overthink it will interfere with the energy and the experience of it all. I like to never overcomplicate things.

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Tell me a little bit of background about Jeremyville, how you came up with the name?
"Jeremyville" is almost like an entire entity. It's an experience that can anyone can enter and enjoy and a sort of atmosphere. It's like my own little Jeremyville world.

You're a born and raised Bondi boy now living in Brooklyn, how has New York City influenced your art?
Oh it has influenced my art unbelievably. I would say mostly because of the energy and the art history in NYC. I've always been into Andy Warhol and Keith Haring and that whole genre of art as well as the music, and they were so  inspirational growing up and it is just crazy that now I've ended up there  - so it's even more inspirational. And I feel like I have an opportunity to actually contribute to the art scene, where as if I was in Australia I would only be watching this. It's just crazy to be a part of this world, like for instance, my art agent use to work for Keith Haring at his studio when he was like 20 or something and now he is our art agent! And we actually went to Keith Haring's art space on a private tour, which was just so unbelievable. We literally saw his old Nike shoes with paint splatters on it - you would only get that in New York. 

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This is the first time you've worked with a beauty brand, how have you found collaborating with Kiehl's?
So I went to the Kiehl's offices and we all had an hour or two explaining our aims and dreams of the project, and it was kind of instantly understood that we had the same vision. They are a team that's very innovative and you can see that in their products. They've got the most fantastic history of working with artists and will respect the artist and be really understanding at a very high level. But all of this really just came from a very simple place of designing their packaging, and then it just kind of turned into something bigger. We thought, why not take it to the windows, make ceramics, colouring books and sculptures. It was unbelievable how well Kiehl's was open to any concept... and it isn't often that you have that.

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How would you describe your style?
Deceptively simple. Well, it is actually also open to your own interpretation though .I think my art has its own atmosphere and own flavour - which is everything you want as an artist. It's very energetic and storytelling...but I haven't really over thought it. I'm happy for you to interpret it!

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