San Francisco, the home of Silicon Valley, is where all good tech things begin but this tech town is not just into producing shiny new gadgets - they're also into delivering an elevated lifestyle thanks to all the high-tech know-how. The latest tech lifestyle trick comes courtesy of the hi-fi art crew at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) - they've launched an art-texting service for art lovers to receive a text with an art image from their extensive 34,000+ collection to fit the art fan's mood.

The 'Send Me SFMOMA' service works like this: a user sends an emoji, word or colour describing their mood via text to the museum and the museum sends back a picture of one of its artworks. And it turns out it's not only a win for the art lover, it's also a win for the museum; with real estate at a premium in San Francisco, the SFMOMA can only display a very limited number of artwork on their walls, "...a little under 2,000 of them are on view at any one time in the galleries" according to SFMOMA's Keir Winesmith speaking to WPSU - but with the new service people can view artworks from the entire 34,000+ piece collection.

This video (courtesy of shows how it works:

The service is currently only available in America but has become such a huge sensation with Winesmith telling WPSU, "We've now sent two million text messages in five days," they're looking at how they can get it out to more users. Watch this space...

The art of happiness: This museum texts you art based on your mood