Taking art to the streets: PUBLIC 2015

Taking art to the streets: PUBLIC 2015

Urban beauty

Text: Yeong Sassall

Image: Diana Pashkovskaya

The landscape of Western Australia is changing, and for the better. Splashes of riotous colour and sleek monochrome murals are brightening urban neighbourhoods and some of WA's most dramatic regional landscapes, stimulating discussion, delight and applause.

It's all thanks to non-profit cultural organisation FORM's PUBLIC 2015, a "celebration of creativity as a public good". Now in its second year, the program delivered 42 public artworks by more than 50 acclaimed local, national and international artists, including designated walls (some four to five storeys high) and temporary site-specific installations and projections.

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Artists transforming the WA landscape are all world renowned and each bring a unique quality of distinct individuality to their work. They include Moneyless (Italy), Nandita Kumar (India), Andrew Hem (Cambodia), DALeast (China), NeSpoon (Poland), AEC and Waone from Interesni Kazki (Ukraine), Eko Nugroho (Indonesia), Elian (Argentina), Curio t (Mexico), Saner (Mexico), and Perth's own Stormie Mills.

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New York-based Australian artist, Ian Strange (formerly Kid Zoom), created an eerie yet whimsical Australian suburb intervention SHADOW. Currently on exhibition in at a pop-up at 381 Murray Street in Perth, until 9 May, then on display online, the body of work includes five photographic works and a film and sound piece. Dark, intriguing and mysterious, Strange's photographic works were created over three months, as he painted directly onto homes across the Perth suburbs. He hopes to "create a body of work that transforms the Australian suburban home to unmask its darker underbelly."

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In stark contrast to Strange's critique of the haunting suburban underground, yet equally distinctive, Phlegm's detailed, fantastical characters and animals have appeared on buildings across the globe. FORM secured him for larger-than-large-scale works for PUBLIC: Art in the Wheatbelt. Together with US abstract artist Hense, UK-based Phlegm painted eight massive silos, a commitment taking two whole weeks. The duo's creative output is overwhelming and having quite the impact on local communities. 

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