Intoxicating, beguiling, seductive; there is something about Italy's Amalfi Coast that gets under your skin. The coastline is a 50 kilometre slice of heaven - a glittering string of picturesque villages clinging to coastal mountains which plunge dramatically into the infinite sapphire horizon.

Countless artists, poets and musicians have contemplated the untamed beauty of the landscape. It became the hedonistic playground and experimental studio for the great masters of 20th-century painting - Pablo Picasso one of its most famous residents. The vibrant coastal hues captivated Neo-impressionist painters such as Henri Matisse, inspiring him to adopt a new palette and in doing so setting modern art en route to abstraction.

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Riviera: the exhibition that'll transport you to the Amalfi Coast

Now Paddington's Saint Cloche Gallery presents a visual ode to the region with Riviera - a visually arresting exhibition featuring thirteen artists working across painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics and sculptural plants.

Inspired by Curator Kitty Wong's recent summer escape to Positano, Riviera will transport audiences to a dreamy Mediterranean haze, with bold splashes of colour and sharp angles redolent of sparkling cobalt waters, terracotta villas, lemon groves, steep cliff faces and cascading bougainvillea.

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Riviera: the exhibition that'll transport you to the Amalfi Coast

Open from December 9-23, Riviera will appeal to art and travel lovers alike, providing an antidote to post holiday blues and an opportunity to take some of that intangible Mediterranean magic home with you. 

Riviera features the works of: 1. Tracey Deep @floralsculptures 2. Evi O @evi_o 3. Milly Dent @millydent 4. Elise Cameron Smith @elisecameronsmith 5. Dina Broadhurst @dinabroadhurst 6. Kate Banazi @katebanazi 7. Geoff Buckle @geoffbuckleart 8. Georgia Harvey @ra_koo 9. Nicole Law 10. Holly Macdonald @h_o_l_l_y_m 11. Christina Mclean @tradethemark 12. Tony Lennon 13. Pascale Boulle @pascale_boulle

Riviera runs from December 9-23, 2015 at Saint Cloche, 37 MacDonald St, Paddington,

Riviera: the exhibition that'll transport you to the Amalfi Coast

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