Galleries across the country are presenting world-class exhibitions over the cooler months.  We've hand-picked the best of the bunch to warm the cockles of your cold, wintery heart 

As the mercury drops and our party mojo also starts to head south for the winter, it's tempting to avoid all contact with the outside world. We all too easily forget how nourishing it is to relish in new experiences and engage in a bit of cultural stimulation.

Fortunately, the art industry's mojo doesn't hibernate as easily as our will to leave the house. If this season's visual art offerings are any indication, it seems the opposite is true. Galleries across the country are presenting spectacular collections from the world's most celebrated artists. Many of which feature unseen series and rare treasures of art history that are otherwise out of reach for Australian audiences - with household names like Ren Hang, Anish Kapoor, Georgia O'Keefe, Bill Henson and William Eggleston.

Click through the gallery above to get your winter art fix. 

Ren Hang to Anish Kapoor: the winter exhibitions showcasing art world royalty