Rare images from Marilyn Monroe's most trusted photographer

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Newly published imagery captures the 'Essential' Marilyn Monroe

The bond between photographer and muse is one that can only be explained through the imagery that is produced. It can be seen with Warhol and Edie Sedgewick, Testino and Kate Moss, and for photographer Milton Greene, it was Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe chose to work with Greene in 1954 after he famously photographed her for LOOK magazine. The star even lived with Greene, his wife Amy and son Joshua at their family home in 1957. Over the past decade, Milton's son Joshua has worked on collecting and restoring never before published images of Monroe by Greene into a book released this week, The Essential Marilyn Monroe. Joshua recalls of Monroe and Greene: "They were like two kids in a sandbox. They'd go to the 20th Century back lots, raid the costume department's closet, and then go out and shoot something."

The collection of over 400 images features both candid and studio imagery of Monroe, a handful of which can be seen in the gallery above.  

You can purchase The Essential Marilyn Monroe here

Rare images from Marilyn Monroe's most trusted photographer (фото 1)

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