Oui merci: the must-see French film festival hitting Australia

Am I French yet?

Site: Ros Brennan

Gift yourself a dose of European escapism at this year's Alliance Française French Film Festival, writes Ros Brennan

French is the language of Baudelaire and Molière; a beautifully complex tongue full of sensual sounds and flowery adjectives. Many of their poetic phrases capture an abstract feeling that the English language leaves wanting. Like 'flâner', a leisurely stroll through the streets with no particular intention. Or 'retrouvailles', a particularly sweet French word that encapsulates the feeling of happiness on being reunited with someone you haven't seen for a very long time.

Much like their national tongue, cinema is at the heart of French identity and carries the same base notes of elegance, nuance and sophistication. Rather than narrowing the world down into a rigid set of clichés, French cinema explores the depths and ambiguity of human nature. It smashes open stereotypes to make a space for the layers in between; illuminating real and raw stories of unrequited love, broken families, mental illness and those living on the edges of society, baulking at conventional life. 

The Alliance Française French Film Festival returns in 2018, in splendid form for its 28th season. Taking place in March and April across Australia, the festival presents more than 50 thrilling, contemporary movies and documentaries exemplifying the very best of France's vibrant film industry with a programme that will celebrate both established and emerging talent. For more information check out The Alliance Française French Film Festival website. Click through the gallery to discover the program highlights: 

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