New obsessions: 30 works we fell for at Sydney Contemporary

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After spending a weekend perusing the halls of Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Noelle Faulkner rounds up some of the hottest works at the fair and our new favourite artists

It's been a long weekend in Sydney for many of the country's biggest galleries (and a few internationals), with both Sydney Contemporary and Spring 1883 art fairs having just shut their doors. No doubt much of the industry is waking up with a blistering hangover and sore feet or, simply, choosing to sleep in allll day.

And who could blame them? At Sydney Contemporary, over the course of four days, thousands of people descended on Carriageworks to peruse works from more than 500 hundred artists and over 90 galleries, attend talks on everything from post-porn to art processes, watch performances or add something special to their collection. It was a bustling event, and, if the little red dots are anything to go by, a huge success.

New obsessions: 30 works we fell for at Sydney Contemporary (фото 1)

From the mesmerising Red Room, an art therapy installation by Japanese-Australian artist Hiromi Tango to the glittering The Huxleys, a duo who dove out of a giant inflatable at the opening, Hayden Fowler's VR performance with a gorgeous live dingo, through to the incredible people watching and food by Billy Kwong and Kitchen by Mike, it also wasn't just about the art hung on the walls, the fair itself was a living, breathing, work of art.

If you missed out, fear not - as this time, you won't have to wait two years until its return now that it's an annual event. In the meantime, we've rounded up some of our favourite works seen at the fair, call it our wishlist, call it the ones that got away, call it a lesson to get in quick next year...

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New obsessions: 30 works we fell for at Sydney Contemporary (фото 2)

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