Inside the exhibition turning Trump's tweets into works of art


Text: Noelle Faulkner

ICYMI:  The president’s social media account has been curated into an art show

Never not taking political gags to the next level, The Daily Show last week, went yet another step further by satirising the grand American tradition of the presidential library and opening "The Donald Trump Presidential Twitter Library".  

Elevating the president's tweets (of which there are over 35,000!) into an art form, the free exhibition was held in Manhattan, just up the road from Trump Tower and boasted lines around the block. "This weekend only! Aside from the nuclear fallout, these tweets will be Trump's most lasting legacy," announced The Daily Show  on launch. This sentiment was echoed upon entrance, as visitors were greeted with an explanation that the faux-museum's aim was to "explore the history, science and art of Trump's tweets - from his earliest attempts to put stubby fingers to phone to his emergence as our era's preeminent social media revolutionary." LOL.

Sharply curated, the pop-up gallery was designed to mimic a museum and featured wall-to-wall framed tweets, a small-handed sculpture embracing a smartphone, a Trump nickname generator, and a mock Oval Office that invited attendees to sit on a golden toilet in a bathrobe and Trump wig and tweet. There was also a hilarious red light emergency alarm that altered real-time tweets, to the sound of Trump repeating "Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing!". There was even a replica of the infamous election cake from the inaugural ball that was the exact copy of Barack Obama's.  

"Say what you want about Donald Trump," The Daily Show host Trevor Noah said at the pop-up's press preview. "He may not be good at presidenting, or reading or geopolitics, but he is a damn fine Twitterer--probably the best that ever lived."

Click through the gallery to see the best from the show and take a virtual tour here

Inside the exhibition turning Trump's tweets into works of art (фото 1)




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