High tech: the must-see London fashion exhibition

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Image: Fashion Space Gallery

An upcoming exhibition at London’s Fashion Space Gallery promises to look at the influence of digital media on fashion

Deny it all you want, we are living in nothing but a digital world. While the pace of technological development the First World has set is nothing short of astounding, when it comes to examining how this has shaped the fickle fashion industry - we don't often stop to reflect. Sure, bloggers now take up fashion's front row and e-commerce trade is booming, but how does technology shape designers and the way we see ourselves? 

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It's not a straight cut answer, but it's a question that Digital Disturbances, an upcoming exhibition at the Fashion Space Gallery at London College of Fashion hopes to pose to the viewer. Through the work of seven designers (ANREALAGE, Bart Hess, POSTmatter, Simone C. Niquille and Alexander Porter, Flora Miranda and Tigran Avetisyan) and their creative teams, the captivating mixed media exhibition aims to look at the influence of the digital on fashion. Opening on September 11, according to its blurb, "it provides a lens onto the often strange effects that emerge from interactions across material and virtual platforms - information both lost and gained in the process of translation."

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Some of the striking exhibits within the collection explore the uncanny way social media shapes identity, while other films and installations play with proportion and silhouettes through optical illusions. Thought-provoking and visually striking, it's an exhibition that would be best served in person. So if you're making your way to London in the coming months, be sure to book a ticket. 

Digital Disturbances is open from September 11 - December 12 2015 at the Fashion Space Gallery in London. Head to for more details. 

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