Fendi has donated a new art installation in Rome

Fendi has donated a new art installation in Rome

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In a big to increase modern culture in Italy's capital, Fendi has commissioned a new sculpture created by artist Guiseppe Penone

Fendi has officially left it's footprint on its native city for good. The Italian label has comissioned "Foglie di Pietra [Leaves of Stone]", a new artwork installed in Rome by contemporary artist, Gisueppe Penone.

The artwork has been positioned smack bang in front of the Fendi flagship store, which also sits right near the iconic shopping street Via Condotti and the Spanish Steps. "It's Cyclopean, and it may look natural but this is achieved with great effort," told curator Massimiliano Gioni to WWD. "[Penone] is the most important living sculptor today in Italy, and I am not exaggerating. He is transgressive but rooted, to employ a botanical pun and connected to the local context and history. He reflects on Rome, its history and the weight of time," said Gioni.

Fendi has donated a new art installation in Rome (фото 1)

The new Fendi sculpture is part of the city's initiative to increase modern cultural growth in the Italian capital. "If you Google Rome cultural life, you will get images from the past, while if you do the same for Berlin, Paris or London, the view is more articulated, although Rome has the same cultural vitality of the others," explained deputy mayor of Rome, Luca Bergamo.  Fendi has also contributed greatly to the city's arts renewal, after restoring five storied fountains including the iconic Trevi Fountain.

Fendi's chairman and CEO Peitro Beccari believes the new statiu will bringin a different type of attitude to the history-filled city. "It is our duty to help think of Rome as a modern, international city," said Beccari to WWD. "It was necessary to inject a dose of modernity to the historical patrimony of the city."

Fendi has donated a new art installation in Rome (фото 2)

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