Creative activism: artists respond to the US election

Love trumps hate

Text: Yeong Sassall

In the wake of the cliffhanger US election, artists, political satirists and cartoonists have served up a visually grilling of Trump sized proportions, says Ros Brennan 

They say that art thrives under oppression. Some of the world's most formidable art movements blossomed during times of struggle and devastation, from the court painters of the Renaissance to the paranoid propaganda of the Cold War, to the intense artistic experimentation of the Great Depression.

With Trump threatening to repeal Obamacare, deport millions of undocumented immigrants and ban Muslim immigration, it's no wonder that artists are intensifying their role as activists, political watch-dogs, optimists, truthtellers and revolutionaries.

As Nina Simone, the jazz musician and civil rights activist once put it: "How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?" Writer and activist Gloria Steinem echoed these comments, saying "Don't agonise, organise." While it might be fair to say that creating art isn't commensurate to 'organising' in a political sense, it plays an important role in combatting apathy and the normalisation of hate and prejudice.

In our media saturated world, art and political cartoons can help to shake the dust off a story you might have skimmed past in a newspaper. Like placing a spanner on a rollercoaster track and waiting for the carriages to oscillate off-course, an artwork can jolt the cogs of your brain out of auto-pilot and coerce you into a state of discovery and open-mindedness.

That's exactly what these artists are bringing to life through their impassioned, scathing allegory of Trump's inauguration.

Flick through the gallery to check out some of the best anti-trump art from around the globe. 

Creative activism: artists respond to the US election (фото 1)

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