Art Fair fomo alert! Sydney Contemporary is back with a bang

Art Fair fomo alert! Sydney Contemporary is back with a bang

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Sydney’s biggest contemporary art fair returns to Carriageworks next month with a bigger-than-ever program of talks, shows and works. Beyond the walls, here’s what you can’t afford to miss

On September 7 through to September 10, art fair fomo is predicted to hit, heavy, with complete saturation. So don't say we didn't warn you. For the third time running, the previously biennial (and now annual, due to major artist, collector and gallery demand) Sydney Contemporary art fair returns to Carriageworks with a mind-blowing program of events, talks, performances and over 90 galleries from here and abroad in tow.

Working with an exceptionally diverse range of mediums, spanning established and emerging artists, the fair is considered one of the most important contemporary events on the calendar in Sydney - and you don't have to be an art connoisseur to enjoy it. No cold walls, no snobby curators, no dumb questions, Sydney Contemporary is designed to showcase the current art market in the most approachable way possible.

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This year's event will open with a colossal night of performance, music, art and food - with live sets by Marcus Whale (of Collarbones) and visual artists-slash-musicians Ginger and The Ghost. Curator Emma Price has put in place a taste of the fair's epic Performance Contemporary program (a dynamic range of roaming dance and choreographic works, performance art and the like), which will hit Carriageworks and the Redfern precinct. This will include performances from artists like Rebecca Conroy, The Huxleys, Caroline Garcia, Garth Knight, and Justene Williams.

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Over the weekend, as part of this live program, we will also see a new work from Claudia Nicholson who has created a majestic South American sawdust carpet, upon which she'll sit and eat a raw lamb's heart.  If that's too savage for you, consider checking out Hayden Fowler's post-apocalyptic virtual reality-led work featuring Fowler and a dingo, or Garth Knight's work looking at the ritual of making art as a form of meditation. This and more from the official Performance Contemporary program, will also be coupled with the occasional performance by artists within some gallery's stands - which can be a nice surprise to break up the overwhelming effect of the hung works.

Keep an eye out over the weekend for going-ons around the inner city too. 15 artists have been asked to take part in Installation Contemporary, which will descend upon various local areas, beyond the powerful pieces being installed and worked-on throughout the course of the fair.  Expect to see large-scale installations and performances popping up at Barangaroo and artists performing, making and talking after-parties at bars like The Old Clare Hotel, The Bearded Tit, Arcadia and 107 Projects.

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For the seasoned buyer or collecting, the Talk Contemporary Program offers a very cool way to learn about the art market and it's peripheries. The talks range from talking to creative from disciplines like fashion, architecture, comedy and art; to a discussions surrounding art collecting, the cultural role of art; a screening of Brett Whiteley doco "Whitely" and Q&A session with wife, Wendy Whitely and a discussion surrounding post-porn art and the influence of feminism and the internet. Parents might also be delighted to know there'll be some workshops happening for the kiddies with artist Hiromi Tango.

With all the above, a huge range of works and artists to discover and fall for and a yet-to-be revealed foodie element that will stand up against the biggest works in terms of aesthetics, you'll soon see why art fair fomo is a thing. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Sydney Contemporary, September 7-10 Carriageworks, Sydney


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