Anthony Lister and Ta-ku are getting down with G-Star denim

RAW Collaborations

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Australian photographer/musician Ta-ku and renowned artist Anthony Lister have teamed up with G-Star to create a very special Raw Collaborations project in Sydney tomorrow

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the G-Star's Elwood 5620 jeans, the two creatives have collaborated on a one-day only exhibition to be held at China Heights gallery. With producer Ta-ku taking a spot behind the lens and street-led artist Anthony Lister doing his best to decorate three pairs of Elwood jeans (and the models wearing them) - the project promises to document our ongoing love affair with denim in a new and contemporary way.

After grabbing a moment with Anthony Lister last week, he revealed how "organic" the process was. "I was given an address and a time to arrive and had been given specific instructions to wreck everything, I just did what I wanted basically," he explains. Describing his partner in crime Ta-ku as "like, super lord of the planet," in typical deadpan style, Lister jokingly outlines their process of collaboration. "It was a little tricky at first, but that was because we were both pretty hungover and trying to get some sleep," he says. "But after [an] initial water bottle incident, we are like brothers forever now."

When asked about his upcoming art projects for 2016, he's also quick to downplay any hype of the exciting work he has planned. "I'm in France for a solo touring museum show June; July I have a residency in Vienna; a solo pop up show in London, Detroit, New York, Tokyo, then back to Europe. Same s**t every year, yeh yeh." We're pretty sure he's joking.

RAW Collaborations is open to the public from 7pm on Thursday, March 31. The exhibition will be held for one day only at China Heights gallery, 3/16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills NSW 2010.

Anthony Lister and Ta-ku are getting down with G-Star denim (фото 1)

Anthony Lister and Ta-ku are getting down with G-Star denim (фото 2)

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