13 amazing female artists you need to be following

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Art writer, Amy Finlayson shares 13 female artists you should be following on Instagram right now

Attempting to uncover a selection of contemporary female artists for this article was an undertaking I severely underestimated. There is a plethora of incredible ladies in a multitude of creative vocations that are producing amazing pieces. My aim was to gather a list of 10, but narrowing this down was a near impossible task.

Without dimming the light of our male counterparts, this article is simply a response to Linda Nochlin's essay 'Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?' that was triumphed by Maria Grazia Chiuri in her Dior S/S '18 collection last September. As the cultural landscape shines brighter on women and female empowerment continues to make headlines, I simply hope to illuminate the female artists' who are making waves today, armed with a paint brush in one hand, and an active social media account in the other. From painters emerging from NAS to established artists overseas, here are 13 art gals I think you should know about.

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