WTF?! People are (still) using coke as tanning lotion

WTF?! People are (still) using coke as tanning lotion

Just, no

Text: Noelle Faulkner

And you won't believe where this trend started...

Yesterday, the northern hemisphere celebrated the summer solstice, and with a change in season comes the onslaught of general warm weather content that makes us all pretty jealous down here suffering in the winter of our discontent. The other sure bet is that without a doubt, that content will usually include some kind of crazy tanning behaviour (usually from the UK) that cause us seasoned sun worshipping SPF addicts to tsk. In the past, this has included baby oil, lemon in hair, the use of mirrors and the base tan burn, however none of these compare in crazy to this recently resurfaced trend: The Coca-Cola Tan.

WTF?! People are (still) using coke as tanning lotion (фото 1)

According to Allure, tan-seekers in the UK are lathering themselves in the soft drink just before heading outside, which is said to the result is apparently a caramel-coloured tan but is mostly due to the dye in the drink (not unlike covering yourself in iodine -another vintage tan trick). The method has been gaining some traction in the past week or so, thanks to a few reality stars peddling the idiotic concept. In fact, it's gotten so out of control that Coca-Cola UK has had to make a statement on its official FAQ page. "As much as we love Coca‑Cola, we really wouldn't recommend using it [as a sunscreen]. There is no sun protection factor in it at all-it's a drink!" Are you rolling your eyes yet?

A scene from Gabriel Mascaro's 2014 August Winds.

Now, this is not all that's a method that has actually been around for over a decade. A DECADE.  Here's a fun fact: Over ten years ago it was Mr Abs, Peter Andre who allegedly started it. As reported by SMH, in a 2006 interview with ELLE, Katie Price, AKA Jordan revealed that this was the preferred tanning method of her then-partner, "He lies on the beach and covers himself in Coke," she said, with a total disregard for the damaging effects of the sun, adding that Diet Coke attracts less insects. 

Let's forget the immense dangers that come with any kind of SPF-free sun time for one second and consider how uncomfortable and sticky this would be? Even with Jordan's Diet Coke suggestion on board, there is no way, with our native insect count that this would fly (pun intended), but just in case you were thinking about testing it out, in an attempt to keep your summer glow all winter,  please don't.

WTF?! People are (still) using coke as tanning lotion (фото 2)


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