What’s the deal with girls shaving their face?

What’s the deal with girls shaving their face?

Apparently, it's a thing

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Image: George Lois for Esquire Magazine (March 1965 issue)

From the downright crazy beauty files (vampire facials, anyone?) comes the latest in skincare strangeness: extreme exfoliation via female full-face shaving

Apparently the practice of ladies taking a Gillette to their visage has been around since Cleopatra's time. Marilyn Monroe did it, Elizabeth Taylor tried it and now, it's becoming the in-the-know beauty girl's go-to. But is it worth it?

The technical term for the practice is 'dermaplanning' and current pin-up is Hollywood celebrity skin-saver Kate Somerville. Somerville's client list reads like a Hollywood beauty pageant (Jessica Alba, Debra Messing, Sandra Oh), she's cleared 15 years in the facial biz, has an eponymous show-stopping skincare range, and puts her best face forward with a super fresh complexion herself. Which, she revealed in an interview with The New York Times, she maintains with a once-per-week lather and shave. So far, so weird.

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Somerville started shaving over 15 years ago after an upper lip hirsute situation which didn't respond well to waxing. What she found was that not only did the shave erase the fuzz, but it also gave her skin an excellent exfoliation and made for easy application of products and make-up afterwards.

While Somerville won't reveal which of her A-list faces razor up, the proof is in her own flawless face. She doesn't have a five o'clock shadow; the usual concern of the shave/regrowth cycle. However, if you're thinking this beauty trend is for you, check in with a qualified facialist before stepping directly into the "accidentally cut myself shaving" path.

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