And they might scare small children even more than the old-school skull and crossbones-style design. They're called 'blackout tattoos' - and they involve completely covering areas of the body - think entire arms or legs, or even chests - with ink.

Originally dreamt up as an alternative means of covering up unwanted tatts, sans laser removal, the trend is taking off across the globe - some people have had both their legs inked like leggings, while others are embracing the 'reverse tattoo' technique, where the contrast of bare skin is used to make up the design.

Singapore tattoo parlour Oracle Tattoo is one of the biggest champions of the trend, with head tattoo artist Chester (last name mysteriously unknown) making them his specialty. The work pictured above is his, and has garnered over 6300 likes on Instagram. As for his subject? Her Instagram profile reads, 'Once go black, never goes back.' Let's just hope she never changes her mind...

The Buro daily: this new tattooing trend has to be seen to be believed