Is hair contouring the biggest trend since balayage?

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Just when you thought the contouring craze was gone for good, it's now translated into hair... 

Thanks to a certain reality-TV clan, contouring has been the buzz kill buzzword of the beauty world for the last couple of years. And just like Kim Kardashian (and 90 per cent of the population), we're officially 'done' with it.  But the concept of contouring (ie. shadowing and highlighting to help define and enhance your features) is still a clever notion, and when applied correctly, can do wonders to your appearance. Here's where hair contouring comes in - it's similar in theory, but with a more natural  result. Bonus: it's also the easiest way to gain killer cheekbones without picking up a single make-up brush (no YouTube tutorials neccessary). We spoke to Caterina Dibiase from L'Oréal Professional to find out everthing you need to know about the new trend in hair. 

What is hair contouring?
Hair contouring is designed to complement your face shape. It plays with the placement of dark and light colour to achieve a look that best suits you. Just like the way we contour our bodies using fashion, or faces with make-up; we place darker colours on areas that we want to soften and lighter shades near features we want to enhance. 

Is it inspired my make-up contouring?
Yes, hair contouring uses the same principles. It plays with the placement of light and dark colours to help enhance and soften your facial features.

Is it hard to maintain?
The maintenance with hair contouring is no different to your usual colour services. Make sure you use a quality hair care range at home like L'Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color AOX to keep your colour protected and vibrant.

Is the finish result dramatic or subtle?
The end result can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like and it isn't limited to particular colours. You can contour hair with browns, blondes, reds and even unnatural colours like pastels. Again, it's all about the placement of these colours.

How do you figure out what your face shape is?
To find out what your true face shape is, start by pulling all your hair off your face and looking at your hairline. Also, smiling can also help you determine your face shape. 

Click through our gallery aobe to see a breakdown of face shapes.

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