There's a good reason why people are smearing yoghurt on their faces

There's a good reason why people are smearing yoghurt on their faces


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Pro-biotics have been lauded as a magical cure-all when you eat them. What about when you put them on your face?

With studies linking the consumption of good bacteria (probiotics) to improved health, it's not really surprising that putting probiotics on your skin might be a good thing too. 

There are lots of different probiotics, and taking different strains is said to have a positive effect on conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, Chrohn's disease, vaginal infections and preventing the recurrence of some cancers. Some even say that taking probiotics helps with mental health illnesses.

Now doctors are saying that putting probiotics - specifically yoghurt - on your face might keep all kinds of external nasties at bay too.

"This is a very hot area in scientific research and product development today," dermatologist Dr Whitney Bowe told the NY Post. "Based on the information we have, skin issues stemming from chronic inflammation - like acne, eczema, rosacea and even premature aging - can be addressed by incorporating topical probiotics, which can destroy harmful viruses, fungi and bacteria before they stir up trouble."

So you can get that tub of greek yoghurt out of the fridge, smear it on your face and watch the fine lines disappear, right? Sort of.

Dr Bowe says that an imbalance of bad microorganisms on the skin might be the culprit for aging skin (that and too much sun, too many Aperol spritzes and not enough sleep). "By helping to restore a healthy balance of bacteria, probiotic skin care may help support skin's optimal functioning as it ages, which may translate into fewer lines and wrinkles," she said.

Of course, ordinary yoghurt won't quite do the trick. Unlike a regular tub of yoghurt, specially formulated probiotic treatments are pH-balanced and have plenty of moisturising ingredients. 

In beauty and in life, there are no instant cures, and it takes about six weeks of probiotic treatments to see a difference. And probiotics aren't a magical panacea. You have to use them in conjunction with a good diet, enough sleep and of course get rid of scrubs or anything with the word anti-bacterial in it.

There's a good reason why people are smearing yoghurt on their faces (фото 1)

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