We asked stylist Anthony Nader to help us cut our morning prep time in half. Here, he talks celebs, cuts and styling tips. 

Well, we've hit the 2017 halfway mark -which also means the weather is peak chill, our beds are the cosiest they've been all year and getting up in the morning is becoming near impossible - particularly if you rock a lengthy morning prep.  Surely there is a way to simplify your winter hair routine, without sacrificing style points, right?

Desperate for a little more shut-eye, we hit up superstar stylist Anthony Nader of Sydney's RAW by Anthony Nader to learn everything we need to do for low maintenance hair that promises a high-end result. Click through the gallery for his time-saving tips on cut, colour and styling. Because as they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Sleep-in beauty: Low maintenance style hacks for high-end hair