Considering a chop?

Step right this way - from wavy to poker straight, brunette to blonde, bouncing off the collar bone to just skimming the earlobes, we have a look to suit you. The 2016 style du jour isn't a definitive lob, bob or shlob, it's wherever - and however - you want to wear it, from Kristen Stewart's cool-kid asymmetrical chop to Hillary Rhoda's neat 'n' nice style.

In honour of Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Victoria Beckham chopping the lot off recently, in the gallery above we present some of the best ever celebrity short hair styles. Whether you're growing yours back after experimenting with a bob last year, or considering a virgin chop, there's something here to suit you. 

Short hair, don't care: the 28 best ever lobs and bobs