Red lips 101: how to get the perfect pout

Red lips 101: how to get the perfect pout

Instant sex appeal

Text: Anna McClelland

It's the stand-out trend of Fashion Month - make-up artist Nadine Monley educates us all on the foolproof red lip

The classic red lip has reigned supreme in the beauty world for decades, from the iconic glamour of 1950s Hollywood screen sirens to the current crop of film stars and musicians alike parading a flawless crimson pout. As a symbol of femininity, strength and sex appeal, the red lip not only empowers women but drifts in and out of a range of different beauty looks with ease. This season sees the trend back on top, reinvented with a softness that makes it completely modern and wearable.

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Blame New York Fashion Week, which left women the world over with a serious case of lip envy as models paraded luscious matte red lips paired with a fresh and untouched face. Summer '15/16 will be all about using make-up to accentuate your natural beauty rather than paint it on, so ditch the heavy eyeshadow and sharp contouring - just a swipe of lipstick is your key to achieving modern sophistication.

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Just take Jason Wu's S/S '16 collection, which embodied the polished, poised and practical women of the world with looks that were incredibly chic without any hard edges: whether it was a structured trench with gently frayed hems or a pair of impeccably tailored trousers worn with sandals. This elegantly undone look translated seamlessly into the accompanying make-up for the show, as models flaunted their dark lips and clean skin.

Similarly, at London Fashion Week, Burberry Prorsum showcased their interpretation of the bold lip by opting for a deeply pigmented wine colour. Balanced with raw and radiant skin, this typically vampy look became much more wearable and feminine. 

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In previous years we've seen everything from slick mahogany lipsticks to sheer cherry glosses, but now it's all about a matte finish to complement naturally dewy complexions. Both the New York and London Fashion Weeks saw designers bringing a sensuous velvet lip to the forefront, and it's easy enough for even beginners to replicate.

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Priming makes all the difference when it comes to wearing highly pigmented lipsticks. The best way to exfoliate dry skin is to dab Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment on your lips and use a clean toothbrush to lightly go over the surface; this will leave a super smooth base to apply your lippie. I also love to use a little moisturiser on a baby wipe and gently rub over the lips to remove any excess skin.

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Another tip I use is to apply a thin layer of concealer all over the lips before you apply any colour. You'll find your product has a much longer staying power and the colour pay-off is beautiful.

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For a flawless result, it's best to start with iconic Australian skin: sun-kissed, fresh and, most importantly, healthy. With each passing season, more and more fashion and beauty heavyweights switch to the minimalist side of make-up and choose to focus on just one element to highlight. Freshly cleansed and moisturised skin with just a dab of concealer on any blemishes is all you need to pair with a gorgeous scarlet lip. The rawness of untouched skin will ensure the overall look is youthful and perfect for any hazy summer's night.

As for the perfect pout, slightly overdrawing the cupid's bow with smooth curves will reduce any harsh lines and create a fuller-looking lip. At Jason Wu, make-up artists used their fingers to tap red pigments on top of the lipstick to create that plump, velvety texture. The result? A modern approach to classic beauty and one of the strongest trends this summer.

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