Lacquer love: Why logo designer nails are back

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Make designer nails your best accessory of the season  

We first saw the trend re-surge at the Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs' fall 2017 runways. For Balenciaga, it was hand painted BB logo on the thumb nails - a cheeky yet discreet nail art that had us going gaga. Marc Jacobs went for a louder approach, with customised enamoured nail lacquer featuring "Marc Jacobs" spelt out on each fingernail.

Whilst designer logos are by no means a "new" trend into the mani/pedi realm, we're definitely digging the clean slated, graphic, athleisure-inspired vibe of late. Click through the gallery to see some designer inspiration floating around the 'gram and on and off the runway:

Lacquer love: Why logo designer nails are back (фото 1)

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