While sheet masks still hold a special place in our hearts, rubber masking is the latest Korean beauty trend that we simply can't get enough of. And once you witness an application - you'll totally understand why.

Basically, a rubber mask is an ultra-nourishing mask but on steroids. It helps nourish, hydrate, and detox the skin using a "rubber" like formula, but has a greater effect thanks to the texture of the mask. When the mask is applied, it creates a completely seal-proof barrier for the skin to essentially force-feed your face with a hit of hydration and nutrients.

Even though it's technically not new to the market, western skincare brands are taking a huge liking to it, including Dr. Jart Skincare who have just released a product specifically designed for rubber masking. 

For all of us rookies, Christine Chang, the co-founder & co-CEO of the Glow Recipe, shared a video to see exactly how it works (warning: you're not going to like this if you get claustrophobic!):